Inktober 2018 Flashback

As this years Inktober comes to an end tomorrow, I am going through last year inktober posts once again.

Hence, this blog.

So, here’s  2018’s inktober attempts. For 2019 I have not followed the official prompt rather I followed my own list, practicing different themes like nature and animal, architecture, street and landscape. You can view them all on my instagram and Facebook profile. For now, take a look at the 2018’s attempts.


I started Inktober 2018 with the day 2 prompt ‘tranquil’ with a digital artwork of myself traversing through the iconic Princep Ghat, looking over the Howrah Bridge in Calcutta

Day 2 – Tranquil

inktober day 2 tranquility
Tranquility by the River

The day 4 prompt was ‘spell’ and  I delved into the realm of music’s magical spell.

Day 4 : Spell


Inktober day 4


Next I attempted the ‘whale’ prompt of day 12 with my take of the Blue Whale challenge that we all should take up and the dwindling population of the blue whale

Day 12: Whale

inktober day 12 whale

On 14th October I took up the prompt ‘time’ to depict the clock’s tale of time which brings festivals like Durga Puja to us.

Day 14: Clock

inktober day 14 clock

Midway I took a break and couldn’t continue with the inktober due to the festivities, returning only at the end of the month. So, I took up the day 30 prompt ‘jolt’ and depicted a master satire writer of bengali literature, Sukumar Ray who gave the bengali literature it’s much needed jolt. Hence, a caricature of the writer on his birth anniversary seemed a befitting remembrance.

Day 30: Jolt

inktober day 30 Sukumar ray

On the last day of  inktober, I ended it with a bang, a personal note – a depiction of a kid who finishes off the last slice of pizza kept for her younger sister and gives an expression like this. This was an ode to the childhood hankering for pizza.

Day 31: Slice

inktober day 31 slice of pizza

Image result for inktober 2018 prompts

So, there you go my 2018 inktober flashback while I end this year’s work.

What were you choices last year? Do you like or relate to any of these?

Do write to me sharing your experiences. Together we grow through art.

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