How Art Can Lead To A Better and Healthier Life

Are you one of those who are looking a way out from their hectic lifestyle – away from the pool unending work pressure and stress? Well, if you’re indeed looking forward to a sustainable change, then why not try art?
Art therapy a tried and trusted way to relieve stress and give wings to your imagination. Have you heard of music therapy? Well, art therapy is just like that. Well thought out sessions of art which unleashes your inner potential by gauging your exact personality type. Art has immense health benefits which transcend the mind and body barrier. It’s much more inclusive than what we perceive.
So if you’re tired of the endless yoga sessions and meditations and want to try genuine feel-good therapy, then here is a way how art can help you.
At the end of the day, you will become yogi with a perception of a poet and a sportsman spirit.

1. Facilitates Creativity and Vitality

You must have observed how kids with mental disabilities are often bent towards art. There’s a scientific reason behind this. Just like any other creative pursuits such as music, art enhances our brain activity. When you hold those colours in your hands you feel them. Those paintbrushes and the empty canvas is an invitation to unleash all your thought process. As you feel it, you go on to think and ultimately shape your creativity and this, in turn, fosters cognitive abilities.

So while your imaginative and creative ability enhances the mind sharpens you for increased daily functions. That how art influences people and enhances their vitality by fostering a calming mind environment for better brain development

2. Memories Enhance and Activate

Now that’s not all. There are many ways art uplifts you and one of those things are by improving your memory and recognition.
For people with memory issues, especially those with age-related issues and those suffering from diseases like Alzheimer’s this is the finest thing to heal from it.
While they paint the canvas with colours, their memories flicker. Some hidden treasures come out in the canvas and they help them reconcile.


Similar to writing, painting, and drawing boosts our memory skills by affecting that part of the brain which triggers memory sensation. A study by The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology bears testimonial to this.

According to that study, drawing enhances and rejogs your memory by synchronizing the visuals with the semantic and that traces the motor aspect of memory. It’s just like how we remember a picture or a video better than the written word. Because words, when drawn, takes a shape and fits like a puzzle in our brain. suggested that drawn words were better recalled.

One can easily tame their personality and change it for the better just by drawing a picture. You’re expressing your shyness, your most inward feelings through it and this builds up your confidence. Sometimes, it helps to counter your stress, restlessness, and anxieties by letting the unresolved issues and quietening you. So, it just needs a few strokes of a paintbrush and your inner world tumbles to make you comfortable in this world.

3. Enhances Your Communicating Abilities

Last but not least, art affects you in the most unpredictable way possible. While there are many things that come to our mind when we are thinking about the health benefits of art, communication is the least expected of all.

We may think “How on earth drawing on a blank sheet can help you communicate? It’s a passive action”. Well, we are completely mistaken. Art may not put words in your mouth but it does put the ideas, the vision, the perspectives and the narrative in your head.
Since, it restricts verbal communication, all your skills, thinking and energy goes on understanding yourself, your intended emotions and feelings which you can project here without any inhibition. It’s just like writing in your diary.

Underprivileged Children Communicating Through Art in One of Our Events

And as you go on expressing by activities such as making a portrait drawing from a photograph, observing and visualizing random events on canvas you became much more aware of the self and the surroundings.

Your inhibitions, dilemmas, and limitations find an avenue and the story becomes clearer to you. So, as you go on understanding them, you find ways to tackle them and communicate it in a better way. That’s why people with diseases like autism often resort to art. Even shy and anxiety prone people take to art.

In this way, art can foster better health and healthy living. So, take out your paint brushes if you want to lead a healthy stressless life.


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