Inktober Flashback

Inktober is a special month dedicated to hone your artistic skills. You may draw well or sketch well or doodle well or may just paint well – whatever it is, this the time to improve your skills to push your limits.

Started by artist Jake Parker to hone his artistic abilities, this has become a cult avenue for artists all over the world. Every year artists all over the world take part in this.

The rules are pretty simple, there’s a list of prompts – a specific word for each day in October and you have to create your own version of that word and upload it on social media handles like twitter, facebook, Instagram etc. tagging and hashtagging inktober.

2018 prompt list
The rules of Inktober

The reason this is unique is that of the range it offers. Not only do you improve yourself in the process but you also get to know several more artists and their thought processes.

Here’s a list of the prompts of 2017 and some of my sketches chronicling it.

2017 Prompt List

The Day 29 prompt was “FALL” which reminded me of many a thing – the old poem we read at school “Jack and Jill”, the season of fall, and the fear of heights and falling down. So, I made 3 sketches out of it.

The 26th day’s prompt was “SQUEAK” and I was reminded how we squeak past our adversities in order to excel in life

Adversities can never break us. We evade them skillfully.

It was the time of the “SHIP” on 25th October and in came my thoughts on various ships which we hop on – willing or unwilling.

          Ships that fly. Friendship or companionship? Choose wisely

Friends, relations or companions? Which ship are u looking for?

The 24th day reminded of blindness and vision. The prompt for the day was “BLIND”

Who’s blind? The one with eyes or those without?

The word for Day 23 and 22 was “BITE” and “JUICY” respectively, and here’s my take of it.

Let’s take a bite.
Pssh! Do you want some juicy oranges?

The Day 20 prompt was “CLOUD” and it reminded of the Refugees and one of my poems about them. Here’s the poem


Refugees are the cloud that comes down as rain.
I know why it rains
when there’s a sun over the horizon.
It has buried the pains 
of engulfing a dreadful poison.
Of the acres of land we had,
couldn’t provide the clothes that clads.
Now each day’s harvest
lies in the distance traveled between successive rests.
I know why it rains
it speaks of a story that pains.
I know why it rains
When there’s very little to gain.
I know why it rains.

Refugees are the clouds that come down as rain.

The 17th Day’s prompt was “GRACEFUL” and I was drawn towards Audrey Hepburn.


The meaning of the word and its perception drove towards many aspects of body image issues and that in turn gave away to the Day 16 prompt “FAT”

Fat yet graceful. Destroy the notions of beauty

Day 15 and 14 prompts were “FIERCE and “MYSTERIOUS”, respectively

The Mysterious Tree

                                                                Fierce But Beautiful 

The unlucky 13 brought “Teeming” with it and so did the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean.

Teeming the ocean with plastic reduces it to a plastic bag

Day 9 and 8 were reserved for “PAIN” and “CROOKED”, respectively.

Nature gives us the courage to screech in excruciating pain. The pain of living.
# Crooked: Isn’t bullying and ridiculing a person for her deformities a sign of deformity itself?

Day 6 was meant for “SWORD” and I was reflecting on “Depression”

Depression a Double-edged sword that creates an existential crisis. Pick up & place it in a showcase.

The long tiring day reminded of the Day 5 prompt “LONG” with which I started the Inktober 2017 journey.

The long convoluted journey of life through the obstacle of fear, anxiety, jealousy, and love

So, those were something I did last October and now you can do it too.

Just participate in it, in any way you like. You can do weekly challenges, daily challenges or even do it in once 2-3days, it’s entirely up to you. Just enjoy the process and rake up your imagination!

*If you want to see more of my works then visit my FB page or follow me on twitter.

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