Tips For Your First Overseas Travel

Going for an overseas travel is a traveling dream for many, especially for women. Whether you want to do it solo or with family, on a bike trail or a caravan trail – traveling overseas is an experience altogether.

However, not all of us prepare for it. In the heat of the moment and excitement of it, we tend to forget about our health. We do all the homework and research about the place but we conveniently forget to look after our health.

Traveling healthy or healthy traveling is an essential thing these days, especially for people opting for solo bike trails and motorbiking adventure. Take your health as seriously as you take care of your bike. Ultimately it’s the only thing that’s taking you through your traveling sojourn.

So, in order to make people aware about traveling well, here are 6 things to keep in mind when you plan your first overseas tour.

  1. Keep yourself updated with the region

When we say keep yourself updated, we don’t mean know about the places to visit, things to do etc. Of course, those are essential but there are some things more important than that. It’s your health.

Surely you don’t want to communicate a disease and put your life at risk. Even some lesser evil like normal ailments are dangerous when you are traveling.  Keep in mind that you are traveling to a foreign land whose climate and conditions might not suit your body.

malaria risk
Malaria Prevalence around the world

Image: CSIROscope

So, do ample research of the prevailing health conditions in the place. Know the diseases prevalent there and vaccinate yourself. Carry vitamins and other supplements to balance your dietary requirements. Pack adequate skincare and body care things to protect yourself from seasonal nuisances and climatic conditions.

Lastly carry insecticides, insect repellents, and similar things if you are traveling in the wild.

  1. Take Stock of Your Vacation Time

Timing is important here. Certain places are suitable in a certain time of the year. So, do your research and visit accordingly. Now, this timing should include planning for the time duration as well.

You have to thoroughly understand how long will you be there. While planning the tour duration keep in mind of detours, cancellations, weather problems and any other thing which might cause occasional delays.

Keep those in mind and plan your cash, travel expenses, visa allowance and necessary medicines etc. accordingly. In a foreign land, you might not get the exact oils and medicines you use.

So, if you are one of those who is fighting with a severe back problem which needs a specific kind of oil to get rid of lower back pain, then you are in for trouble. In a foreign land such pure essential oils and other medicinal things may not be available and ordering them will be time-consuming.

Hence, make sure you are packed for the days you are traveling for.

  1. Have the documents sorted

The three most crucial things for traveling overseas are your documents, money and the embassy details.


Image: Dubai Visa

You never know what kind of trouble awaits in a foreign land and you simply can’t trust others blindly. The only people who can help you here, are your own people. So, register with your embassy and keep a stock of the nearest consulates.

Hold your passport and Visa as sacrosanct. Always keep them with you wherever you go and never leave it with anyone. Also, remember to carry multiple copies of these documents and your passport size photographs for security reasons.

  1. Be Careful About Food


Just like the climate, the food here is also different from what you have in your country. While experiencing local food is an essential part of the traveling experience, make sure about its quality and the ingredients.

If you are eating in open markets or roadside places check that they are using fresh things and also implore about the ingredients used, especially if you are allergic to certain food items.

It’s better to carry some packaged food items and dry fruits to meet your nutritional requirements. This is necessary if you are traveling with kids. Cooking your own food with the help of the locals might be a good option here.

  1. Check the flight deals and accommodation

Traveling overseas has its perks and one of them is flight fare and accommodation. Together this to can make a dent in your pocket.


Image: TechSpot

So, check way advance and look for the cheapest flight deals. You might make a plan of several stops flight and cover some other destinations as well or do an offseason booking.

For accommodation choose sharing options such as Airbnb or shared apartments etc. Even some cheap local homestays might be good.

  1. Take Care of the Currency Factor

Lastly, make sure you are good at maths and have done your currency conversion homework properly.

In a foreign land, you have to work as per their system. So, make sure you know the conversion rate and have enough cash with you. Additionally, check that your credit cards are functional and accepted there.

These are the few things to remember while planning your first foreign trip.

Note : All images are representational images. I don’t own the rights of these images. The copyright of the images belongs to mentioned source.

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