Why take a trip to Antarctica?

Antarctica, situated in the farthest corner of the earth, the Antarctic Pole or The South Pole is the rarest of the rarest travel destination. If adventure tourism is your calling and you absolutely marvel at the primitive geographical features of the earth, then this barren land is the place to be.


Image result for antarctica travelling
The Penguins of the South Pole  (Image: Eclipse Travel)


Regarded, as one of the coldest regions of the planet, Antarctica open ups a hidden world. With extreme climatic conditions and unique forms of life, the South Pole is a sight to behold and as we know from our geography lessons in school, this place enjoys 6 months of daylight and 6 months of darkness. So life here remains pretty much inaccessible for a major part of the year (November-March is the time to visit) which makes it an exciting destination for tourists.


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An Antartic Expedition (Image: chestnuthilllocal.com)


Earlier, only scientists and researchers were drawn to this place but now this frozen world has become an attractive tourist destination. The reasons for visiting Antarctica varies from person to person but mostly it’s the thrill of adventure and the undisturbed natural beauty that beckons people. Here are few of those reasons that propel people to visit.

  1. The breath-taking wildlife and natural beauty of the place.

Image result for antarctic polar bears
A polar bear hitching a ride (Image: National Geographic Channel)

The frozen glacier below your feet and the iceberg floating in the ocean is a sight you can’t afford to miss. Added to this natural beauty is the exotic wildlife of the land like penguins and elephant seals sunbathing in ice, a polar bear hitching a ride on an iceberg and hunchback whales jumping out from the water. It’s paradise on earth.


  1. The thrill of adventure sports

Image result for adventure sports in antarctica
Sking in the Antarctic ice (Image: Pinterest) 


The South Pole is the best place for adventure sports. From a trail-less skiing to scuba diving to kayaking to swimming with the whales – you have got all of it here. There’s no escape from the adventure in this place. In fact, going to an Antarctic expedition is an adventure all by itself. It’s an extreme camping trip altogether.


  1. The 24 hours sunlight and the sight of enormous glaciers

One thing that makes it a unique traveling experience is the unconventional climate. The 24 hours sunlight that the 2 poles get for 6 months is a rare geographical event and in Antarctica, you get to enjoy 24 hours of non-stop sunlight. It’s another experience altogether and the huge glaciers and icebergs make this sight worthwhile.

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Image : Huffington Post 


  1. Visit the base stations and active volcanoes.

Image result for antarctic base stations and volcanoes
An active volcano near Russia’s Novolazarevskaya station (Image: Sputnik International)

Antarctica is one of those places which has seen a good number base stations and primitive settlements, the relics of which are still visible in this age. Many countries have their base stations and museums which warrants a visit. Added to this is the sight of an active volcano at the South Shetland Islands in Antarctica. You can directly sail into this volcanic island. Not only this you can even hitch a plane ride on the Antarctica Flights that will give you an aerial view of this cold land.


  1. Life underwater

Image result for antarctic marine life
Antarctic Marine Life (Image: Australian Antarctic Division)


What enhances the Antarctic experience is the marine life hidden under water. The diversity there is beyond our imagination. Rare species of albino octopus, crabs, alien species and several unknown forms of marine lives are found there. In fact, it’s the cradle of nature where you found unknown species.

So, a trip down the South Pole is the ultimate travel destination. It’s a dream for travelers around the world!


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