A Guide To A Radiant Skin After 50

The way to a healthy skin is paved by a healthy lifestyle and correct choice of skincare products. As we age our skin loses its texture and glow. What we consider as aging and loss of radiant skin is nothing but a reduction of proteins like collagen and hormones like estrogen. This makes our skin lose and fragile. The normal tightness of the skin is lost and so is its radiant glow. Moreover, with aging our skin cells loses the power of faster cell division. Hence, dead cells are replaced by new cells at much slower pace. Thus leading to a dry chaffy skin. Loss of moisture retaining capacity is another skin problem at old age. All these biological factors take a toll on the skin and it becomes dull making you feel conscious about your looks.

There’s a way out of this mess. The way out is provided by the proper understanding of the biological factors that govern your skin health. Hence, our motive isn’t to look young. Our motive is to replenish these lost factors to your skin. So, we are vying for a healthy skin, not a younger skin. A healthy skin will inevitably make your skin radiant and make you feel younger. Thus, our approach is to change our lifestyle and make it feasible for our age and to replenish collagen, estrogen, moisture and cell division enhancing growth factors to the skin. For this purpose, we are going to concentrate on some good skincare products along with some healthy lifestyle changes.

Now, that you have a got a hang of things let us take you on a ride through a perfect skincare regime.

  1. Forgo or reduce your smoking habits

    Say No To Smoking Image : Pittsburgh Courier

One of the ill effects of smoking is that it ages your skin and reduces the ability of new cell division. Thus, older skin cells accumulate and the younger ones turn old. Without new skin cells, skin becomes dry and loses most of its proteins and growth factors. This further leads to cell size shrinkage and loosening of the skin. One may ask if smoking is so much injurious to skin health then why we don’t see such symptoms in our 20s and 30s. The answer here is your age and body conditions which help in withstanding adverse effects. With repeated exposure to ill effects, your skin, as well as your whole body machinery, has lost the ability to withstand this at your 50s and 60s.  It’s during this time when these adverse effects start taking a toll in the body machinery. So be careful what you are dealing with it! 50 may be the new 30 but the ill effects you have accumulated still remain.

  1. Avoid long sunbathing and tanning sessions.

Sunbathing in the beach Image : Masterfile

It’s good to let in fresh air and sunbath in the glowing sun but it severely affects your skin health. With old age, these sunbathing and tanning sessions have a detrimental effect on your skin health. They sunrays soak up moisture from your already dry skin. Hence, whatever little moisture retaining capacity it had gone down the drain. So if you are to sunbathe in your 50s and 60s then go for late afternoon hours when there is less heat. A 3-5pm schedule is good for this purpose. If at all you decide to venture out earlier in the day wear some good quality sunscreen and use proper cleansers, moisturizers afterward. Even the FDA suggests sunbathing after 2 pm and strictly no sunbathing in direct sunlight between 10 am – 2 pm. So be careful when you venture out.

  1. Clean your skin with cream based cleansers and exfoliating creams

In our 50s and 60s, we lose much of our skin cells which accumulate as dead skin cells on the outer layer. These skin cells need to be removed by a proper cleanser and the skin layers need to be hydrated. Thus, along with a regular wash with water and rose water creamy cleansers and exfoliating creams are essential. Just take little bit creamy cleansers mix it with lukewarm water and gently apply it on your skin. Exfoliating creams is another essential aspect of skincare at this age. These creams are a natural reservoir of alpha hydroxy acids and collagen. Collagen provides rigidity to the screen and closely packs it into tight cell layers. Thus making your skin lose the dry and flaky self. The alpha hydroxy acids, on the other hand, removes dead cells, dirt, and acne from the skin. All this provides the necessary nourishment to the skin cells

  1. Opt for serum-based creams and moisturizers

The low estrogen level, anti-oxidants, and vitamins in the skin in our 50s and 60s is a major reason for diminishing skin health. These essential nutrients can be easily replenished by means of serum-based anti-oxidant creams and moisturizers. They are packed with estrogen, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and oils. The oils contain our essential fatty acids which replenish the lipids in the skin giving them the required glow. They also have exfoliating acids which remove dry and dead cells providing them with the requisite moisture. Retinoid, that is Vitamin A and other such important vitamins like vitamin C and E are replenished by the moisturizers.   Thus it takes care of the overall nourishment of the skin. To be more effective it’s better to opt for a separate day and night creams to have maximal effect on your skin. One can also opt for a day and night cream which serves all. This kind of creams and moisturizers are perfect for aged skin, that is, for people who are in their 50s and 60s.

  1. Give your skin plenty of moisture with ultra-hydrating creams.

Above 50 years of age, our skin loses the moisture retaining capacity and dries very quickly. Hence, normal moisturizers and exfoliating creams alone cannot replenish all the moisture. A different measure is necessary. Thus, a change in approach towards a better skincare regime is the way out. So, try to go for ultra-hydrating moisturizers and cream. While shopping for moisturizers make sure you take an exfoliating ultra-hydrating moisturizer. This will help in restoring the full moisture capacity to your skin cells. In case you don’t come across one go for an ultra-hydrating moisturizer which compliments with your exfoliating moisturizer.

  1. Take not of eye creams

While we are at it we often neglect the most sensitive areas of our skin, that is, those around the eyes. With age the tendency of dark circles, acne marks, and patches increases. A regular might have been useful in our younger days but it’s of no use now.  For this, we require specific eye creams.  These creams come packed with retinoid, collagen and glycolic acid. A combined effect of all these prevents dark circles and acne marks, provides rigidity to the skin cells and makes it radiant. Thus your dark circles are replaced by tight glowing skins without any wrinkles.

  1. Go for SkinCeuticals and probiotic moisturizers

Skinceuticals Image Courtesy : Claridayaesthetics.com

SkinCeuticals are the newest skincare treatment in the block. It is packed with all kinds of ingredients – estrogen, antioxidants, collagen, vitamins, fatty acids, serum etc. It not only provides all the necessary ingredients required for a renewed skin health but it also acts as an agent for promoting cell division and delay of cell aging. Thus, it has anti-aging effect coupled with normal skin nutrient supply. Look for nutraceutical labeled skin products or SkinCeuticals named products for this purpose. Probiotic moisturizer, on the other hand, is an ultimate skin hydrating step which acts on preventing further skin dehydration. The probiotics here not only replenish moisture to the cells but adds essential lipids like fatty acids to the cell which maintains the acidic pH of the skin. This acidic pH prevents further loss of moisture. In this way, these 2 are the most important skin care products for women after 50.

  1. Use a good protective sunscreen SPF30 or higher.

images (4)
Sunscreen care Image: net.co.uk

Sunscreen is an essential aspect of skin care. Not only in case of sunbathing or tanning but for our daily outdoor activities. As most of our daytime is spend out in the sun, a good protective measure is necessary. Sunscreens are made to block the UV rays of the sun, whatever little of it gets to us. Thus a higher resolution of sunscreen has the necessary ingredients to protect us from all types of UV spectrum. With age, an all-inclusive sunscreen becomes essential as the skin become more prone to UV damage and skin cancer. SPF30 or higher version of sunscreen is essential.

  1. Give your skin plenty of washes with water.

Apart from all these, the most important step is to keep your body hydrated with water. Water helps in flushing out toxins from our body. So drink plenty of water all through the day and keep yourself hydrated. Wash your face with water whenever possible especially before a going to bed. Additionally eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and drinking green tea, lemon tea is other options to supply nutrients and water to your body and skin.

Water for a glowing skin Image Courtesy : Le Saviez-Vous

So a healthy food habit, a sustainable lifestyle and a proper skin treatment is the gateway to an all-inclusive skincare regime. Hurry up and hop in to take this ride to a glowing skin!

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