Masters In English Masters The World.

English is the panacea of all. A language that has transcended all forms of boundaries, a global language. So mastering the art of this language opens up the doorway to the world. Having a Masters Degree in English Literature leads to a sea of opportunities. It is an elixir for your professional life.

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Whenever we think of an English literature Masters, the name of reporters and writers come to our mind. Well, that’s not all. There lies an untapped resource in Literature Masters. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Write your way through the world

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A degree in English literature empowers one to play with words. Having read so many great works of English literature and learning those nitty gritty grammar details makes one the master of the written word.  So, there you use this gift wisely. Enjoy the vast range of opportunities knocking on your door. With such a robust Wordplay you are the writer the world needs. A career as a writer is the foremost opportunity for a Literature Grad.

2. The seekers of good writing, a job in the publishing sector.

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Next, to writers, publishers are the most important thing. They are the seekers of good writers and writing. The quintessential part of the world of books, magazines, and newspapers. Editors, proofreaders, and copywriters are the ones we rely on. They are the ones who give finishing touches to the story.  Somewhat like the behind the scene crew, you see in a movie. With a degree in literature, you can look for such lucrative career options in the publishing sector.

3. Be the warriors without a sword, a journalist

The reporters and the journalists, those valiant warriors who strive to bring real stories to every man. You can be one of them, the next Barkha Dutt in the making.  English graduates are high in demand for these type of jobs. A degree in journalism and mass communication is an added bonus for this. Take on the world with your expertise in English.

4. Shape up the future, join the teaching profession.

Remember who we used to love and loathe some teachers during our school and colleges. English Teachers seem to be the favourite of most. Those harmless creatures how influenced us without actually influencing us. Allowing us to live in a poetic, mystical land. Well, you can be one of them. With a degree in English literature, teaching is a good career option for young graduates. So impart your knowledge and shape young minds, the future of this world.

5. Churn out your own path, be a freelancer

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For an English grad, his degree is his path to freedom. Empowered by it he can take on the world and churn out his own way. The prolific option of freelancers is his gateway. English is a language which is the necessary ingredient for every setup. Hence, there is a huge demand for English language writers – content writers, copywriters, copy editors, editors and others. Many of these jobs are available in a freelancing format and hence it helps in building your own niche.

6. Tame the language with a linguistic job

Quite an unpredictable and unconventional choice for a literature masters but offers a promising option for those seeking to know the language. Linguistics, the study of the origin of languages is an interesting career option. English being such a vast language, research in this field has huge scope. So if you love the language and seek to explore it go for a linguistic research job.

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7. The path to the laws of the land, a career in law.

While lawyers and judges rule the law industry yet they are the cream of the layer. The real force resides in the various untamed professionals working in this field. An English Literature Masters are in demand for such jobs. The courts and law firms have various administrative and organizational posts for English literature degree holders.

8. Securing jobs in the government sector

A wide range of career options is open for English grads in the government sector. All kinds of organizational and administrative posts require such candidates. This includes various clerical, managerial and other positions in banks, PSUs, insurance, civil service, communication and translating service, healthcare, social work, security forces, foreign services and other avenues.

9. Creativity with language, an avenue in the advertising sector.

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For those who have a creative mind, the advertising and PR sector is your gateway. Couple your language skills with creativity. Show your creativity with language. An English Literature Masters is widely recognized in this field. Their flare of language and comprehensive yet precise use of words make them the ultimate choice for this kind of jobs. People with a creative bend of mind and English language skills often opt for these jobs.

10. Find your way to the finance sector.

While commerce graduates dominate the finance sector, it is certainly not the case in all types of job here. Similar to other sectors, the accounting and finance sector too requires various organizational and administrative post. Most of these junior level posts don’t require high numeracy or mathematical skills. A basic knowledge of mathematics and a good score of in your school leaving examination are essential. Despite having a language degree, English literature master degree holders find a predominance here. Thus English plays a key role once again.

Thus, English indeed makes you the master of the world. So grab the opportunity and hone your skills. Choose the best-suited career for you. You might be the next big thing in the making!!



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