The Galapagos Island, the incubator of evolution

Visiting an island nation instantly reminds us of a thrilling experience called Snorkeling – an underwater swimming activity with exotic marine creatures. But not all islands provides an exotic species diversity – Galapagos Island is one such rare island.

It is an evolutionary hot spot first discovered by Charles Darwin himself! Yes, you heard it right!

It is the place of the “Origin of Species”

Now let us take you through the rich biodiversity of this place and how to explore it.

This is a range of island or archipelago formed by volcanic eruptions billions of years ago. This series of an island is located in Equador and takes about 10 days to explore the range. In this island series, one can witness the presence of a diverse range of marine and terrestrial wildlife like the sea lion, giant turtles, sharks, iguanas, green turtles, blue footed booby, flamingos etc. On the land, you can witness the breath-taking mating dance of the flamingos. Keep a close watch while cruising and you will observe the mating dance of the blue-footed Booby, a bird with bladders to travel over the water. This is one exclusivity of the Galapagos Islands.

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When you dive deep into the ocean floor of the Galapagos island, a whole new animal kingdom unleashes themselves. This includes hammer- head sharks, large marine iguanas, green turtles, sea lions etc. At one point you might wonder of the giant creatures and feel like Sinbad, the sailor. There are some islands specifically meant for this snorkeling expeditions. These are the Snorkeling Hot Spots where you can swim with the thought of evolution.

So let us take a ride on these islands!

  1. Chinese Hat Islet is one of the best-known places for snorkeling in the Galapagos Island. Here you can swim with penguins, green turtles, reef shark and even play with sea lions. This place is located at the south-eastern tip of the Santiago Island of the Galapagos. This place is known for a sea lion coves where boats are anchored to view sea lion pups.

    chinese hat islet
    Chinese Hat Islet Pic Courtesy: Travel
    snorkeling with sea lions
    Snorkeling with Sea Lions, Galapagos Island Pic Courtesy: Google


  2. North Seymour Islands is a common hub for snorkeling in the Galapagos. With little current and shallow waters, this is the easiest place for Snorkelling in the Galapagos Island. This place is exclusively for different types of fishes and White-tip Reef Shark. This is a fish hub with fishes like box fish, angel fish, damsel fish, hogfish, parrot fish

    north seymour island
    White-tip Reef Shark in the Galapagos Island, Pic Courtesy: Google
  3. James Bay in Santiago offers a thrilling snorkeling experience. This place is a hub for green sea turtle. The 2 breeds of sea lions California type and fur sea type can be spotted here. Galapagos are also spotted here.

    james Bay
    Snorkeling with Sea Turtles Pic Courtesy: Google
  4. Punta Vicente Roca of the Isabella island in north-western Galapagos is rich in marine diversity. This is one of the sites were volcanic rocks lie preserved as coves under the sea. Its turquoise coloured water and rich marine biodiversity make it a must-visit snorkeling location of the Galapagos. You can spot the rare Jackson Shark here. Seahorses, red lipped bat fish, hogfish are the other dwellers of this region.

    punta vicente
    Jackson Shark. Picture Courtesy: Regal Dive
  5. Tower Island in the North-west Galapagos has an exotic location for snorkelers called Prince Phillip’s Steps. This location will enthrall you with exotic sharks like manta rays, hammerheads etc. The south-western part of the region has a caldera. One can visit the inner region of the caldera.

    tower island
    Snorkeling with Manta Rays, Galapagos Island Pic Courtesy: Google Search
  6. Tagus Cove in the Isabella island is home to marine iguanas, Galapagos penguins, flightless cormorant, sea horses and Jackson sharks.

    tagus cove
    Marine Iguana. Pic Courtesy: Google

Thus the Galapagos Island provides the best snorkeling experience in the world. There are various traveling options available but as it is a remote location travel with care and proper guidance. 

Satellite image of galapagos
Satellite image of the Galapagos Islands, Pic Courtesy: Google

The best way to travel is via the official website of the Galapagos Island . The nearest airport is San Cristobal in Equador.

map of galapagos island
A map of the Galapagos Island, Pic Courtesy: Google search

The general transit card fee and the park entry fee is 50$ and 100$ respectively. They guide through all the necessary arrangements. Be sure to read about the place beforehand to be prepared for the adventure.

To many of us, it might sound costly but the expenditure is pretty much affordable considering the experience. For a land based tour, it amounts to 500-800$ which roughly comes down to 56000 INR. Pre-booked cruises come at a price of 2500$ (1,75,000INR) and the last minute cruise while staying on land comes at a price of 1000-1800$ (around 70,000INR). So save up and head to this exotic island located in the middle of nowhere.

[Prices mentioned are inclusive of food, island stay, cruise ride and flight charges]

While you can’t take back anything from this rare exotic island you can certainly adopt a species and help in their conservation!!!

So hop on and experience life like never before!!!

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