They named her Sky

The child was a rebel from birth.

“An outspoken girl, an untamed soul,”  said her parents

” A misfit, An outcast, A clown,” said her classmates.

“A defect, A fault and a glorious blot to the society”, said the world.

” A winged body and an unperturbed soul”, whispered the stars.

They remembered the day of her birth. A beautiful storm and a nightmare collided that day to create this masterpiece.

Her parents took all the agony to their stride. Her mother bore the most burn.

She gave out a loud shrill. All the bones in her body were breaking of the unbearable pain. Unable to withstand the agony he whispered a lullaby. Finally rain and lightning gave birth to a child.

The sky adorned the colour pink that night only to give away to the blue colour in the morning. Similar to sky the child reflected all the colours of life.

She was a transgender.

They named her   S K

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