April Came

April came with the belief
That the delusions are part of self.
As you set to know her
She behaves like an absconding flower.
Day and night she eludes your garden
Only to give away to your haunted guardian.

She has a mistaken look
That your illusions partook.
A jostled head
Upside down eyes in place of a blabbering mouth instead.
Her scary hollow eyes
Gives away to the injuries done by a knife.
April is the one to understand
She is the depression you carry in disguise of a flower stand.

She made you wonder by the night
Sleepless and fragile in everyone’s sight.
April came to you
As you are in need of the cue.
April bore the reach fruits of your troubled past
April is here to last.

April came to ascertain
Yours is one of those mental illness to be certain.
Of anxiety, depression, insomnia, dementia she smells
April tells everyone’s tale.
April is here to make you belong
To those numerous she throng.
April is your story to tell
April came to bring you out of the shell.

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