Colours Of Light

An offbeat torrential rain ushered in the vibrant spring and amidst such gaiety affair started the journey of a young couple.

BLACK and WHITE entered into their new life, through the green door – the door of prosperity. An unchartered territory and an uncertain future beckoned them.

The slightly tensed voice of WHITE enquired, “what will become of us?” To which the melancholic BLACK replied, “scattering of life amongst our children and absorption of acceptance from them.”

Nearly 3 decades has passed down since then. Today, BLACK and WHITE are entering a new door. The exited through the green door and entered a yellow one. The transient prism of love beckoned them there.

7 colours and 7 children later, they have lost their vigour but gained each other. In their negligence, the children united their parents. Today, they proclaim to be with each other far from the colours they loved.

As they silently trod their way BLACK enquired about their path, “Where to?” It was the time for WHITE to reply. She said, “into the heaven of togetherness, my love.”

The neglected couple found their home at last. She found her prism in him. He found his mirror in her. Together they went on to make LIGHT.

BLACK and WHITE went on to live with colours.





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