Nothing Arrived Yet

It was a cold dewy morning. It had drizzled throughout the night. The roads were laden with humus. The buildings wore a grayish dull overcoat. Shops remained shuttered down and the houses deserted. A worn out old grocery shop stands at the downtown corner. Like all days, a bald gentleman sat brooding over the newspaper.

“Good morning, do you have razor blades?” enquired a young lad.

“NOTHING has arrived yet”, said the shopkeeper with an apparent disgusted look on his face.

“But I do see a bunch of razors stacked beside those toothpastes”, said the lad.

“Everything revolves around nothing. Until nothing arrives everything is non-existent”, said the shopkeeper with a philosophical air.

“So what do I have to do get a razor?” hastily enquired the puzzled lad.

“Purchase something which beckons nothing and you’ll get everything you desire”, answered the shopkeeper.

After much introspection the lad decided to take a shot with this mad gentleman. As it is he was new in town and all other shops were closed.

“Then, I’ll have the philosophical research journal”, said the lad with a poker face.

“Philosophical journal? This isn’t a book shop”, replied the startled shopkeeper.

“Well, how about the newspaper you’re reading? Judging by your sermons, it appears to be a philosophical one”, said the lad.


Just then a 12 year old kid entered the shop.

“You’re 3hours late”, glared the shopkeeper.

“My mother has taken ill, sir”, said the kid.

“You see what I have to put up with every day”, said the shopkeeper looking at the young lad.

“Now hurry up and get going NOTHING. What are you waiting for?”


Hearing this the young lad burst out laughing. It was indeed NOTHING.

Finally, he got the razor to embark upon the day.

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