when a year seem too long and starts to haunt –

think of the falling leaf month,

the chilly winter january,

the bright leaves of spring.
when a month seem too long and the future dreary –

think of the floating clouds on a blissful day,

the morning cuckoo singing a hymn to thee,

the afternoon moon peeping behind the pepul tree.
when a day seem too long and starts to wither –

think of the minutes of darkness breaking into daylight,

the wee hours after the twilight colours linger,

the silence of midnight.

when a minute seem too long and gathers dust –

think of the passing seconds of the hour hand,

the whistle of a train far out,

the dying breath.

when a second seem too long and unimportant –

think of the moment you looked lovingly towards each other,

the vision of the past and future together.

when at last the moment comes-

think of the time you had

in between giving in and giving out.

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