The Voice of Rain

“Be careful, don’t kill yourself!” glared the conductor.

“It’s all right. I am a pro at this”, said the lad hurriedly running off from the moving bus.

He  was running  late for work. A recurrent problem in his daily life. It has become so mundane that his office colleagues has become impervious. Though it effects his business but not so much as it seems. Ultimately he pacifies everyone with his charm.

Apart from this, there are certain occupational hazards ailing his business. Most of it concerns with late delivery of products. Sometimes there is a huge loss and he can’t fulfil his target. Some other times there is booming profit but he can’t distribute them well.

His personal life is riffled with struggles. Though he earns well but he is imprudent in expenditure. often splurging more than required. Due to his naive  and sensitive nature people usually takes advantage of him. He is absent-minded and negligent to a certain extent. Often forgetting deadlines and disappointing clients. The other day someone pick-pocketed his savings while he was busy browsing pictures in his smartphone. All this takes a toll on his health. A young man of 30 looks like a sagging old man at his 50’s.

Despite all this he is a messiah for all. An whispered family of all. A confirmed bachelor but an universal family man. RAIN , was his name.

To the young boy, he was a beautiful maiden re-uniting and separating from her forlorn lover. For young girls, he was breath of an old acquaintance often brought to mind. To children, he was the uncomplaining youthful companion. To the farmers, he was the ray of hope. To the poets, he was a mystery to be solved. For the philosophers, he was the elixir of life. Ordinary looked upon him with general irritation and occasional gratification. Making him aware of his existential crisis.

None understood him yet all loved him equally and claimed to be one of their own. To him, he was a failed businessman struggling to deliver in time. Only the scientists understood him properly. He was nothing but a glorified stem cell differentiating into little droplets. A nomad, a traveller meant to travel throughout the breadth of earth’s body . Then settle down in your inevitable fateful organ.

This was his life. This was his business. This was RAIN.

With this he  closed his diary. Signing off with his name. R  A  I  N




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