Kitaabein With Gulzar – Finale At Spring Fever 2016

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My thoughts were simmering inside me like vapour simmers inside a covered utensil. When that cover was removed, my expressions flowed out from within!” Gulzar remarked on a beautiful evening at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, beginning with a powerful imagery – a flair that has been the hallmark of his writings.

It was the last day of the much-loved Spring Fever 2016, and who other than Gulzar could have taken the six-day event to its radiant peak and ended it with a flourish!


Books trained me to read and be busy. There is nothing like reading books to spend quality time,” the poet and film-maker said.

Perhaps, it is Gulzar’s great love for books and literature that propelled him forward to pen down some of his own. And at the Spring Fever – the Penguin Random House festival that celebrates the love for books and literature…

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