The Challenge of Contemporary History – Day of 1 Spring Fever 2016 with Ramachandra Guha

Well articulated.

Penguin India Blog


It’s that time of the year when book lovers from all over the country have thronged to the India Habitat Centre in Delhi for the annual Penguin Random House Spring Fever.

The fans appear giddy with excitement as they browse through the books from among 5,000 titles published by Penguin and Random House.


As in its previous editions, this year’s Spring Fever festival of literature and culture features panel discussions, sessions where authors discuss their work and an open-air book library.

Historian and writer Ramachandra Guha opened the festival this year with an exclusive preview of his forthcoming book, a collection of essays entitled ‘Democrats and Dissenters’ that critically assesses the work of economist Amartya Sen and Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm, and explores major political and cultural debates across India and the world.


Ramachandra Guha began the session by talking about the paradox that while India is the “most interesting…

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