The Poems

It’s been 25 years she is out of business. as she penned the last line she remembered her first customer. she met him 5 decades ago. she was 11, he was 24. she just onto her adolescent days, he just out of university. she was naive and raw while he was full of excitement and passion. it was raining heavily that day and she was busy cooking some eggplant delicacy. he was bored. he started inspecting the room. tucked somewhere he found a tattered notebook of irregular couplets. that day he found her. taught her to write poems. in their playfulness they created poems. gradually she became a lady and he ceased to be a lad. she was 21, he was 34. she have a new customer now. that was the age for trafficking and this for child bearing. those were the days of speed and this of stability. The poems still flooded the plains.

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