The Order In Religion

there has been some misinterpretation of the order of religion in the film ‪#‎PK‬. the central idea of the film was valid but it was unable to see through the different customs of religion. every household, every human being have some unwritten rules which they abide. the same goes for religion. Let me site some examples:
1. ‪#‎IndividualOrder‬: you wake up every morning do certain things first then proceed to the others. like you place a glass of water at the right side while eating but some others place it on the left. you have a habit of reading at night while for some it is in the days. .
this is just for their comfort and convenience which gradually becomes a habit and finally it becomes your daily rituals.
2. ‪#‎HouseholdOrder‬ : think of how your mother runs the house. she places the utensils in a way. plants different flowers in her garden. she uses 2 pinch of extra turmeric instead of what others might have been doing. think of the time when humans first appeared on earth.
3. ‪#‎CivilizationOrder‬ : they used to gather foods by hunting at first. with the discovery of fire they started cooking animals. then they learned farming. their nomadic life changed to settlements. gradually they realised in order to live collectively they need to have a leader. to protect themselves from predators they must move and live in herds. to prevent fragmentation of these herds they need some rules and guidelines which every herd member should abide. the main principle of these rules was to protect each other but they varied slightly from herd to herd. each herd latter gave rise to sub-groups of those who were comfortable & effective in doing certain activities. Thus order was maintained.

Well, by these examples what i mean to convey is this: we need certain order and organisation in everything including religion. with this order comes it rules which are the customs. Different religions are the sub-groups of a same herd.

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