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How To Achieve A Sustainable Lifestyle?

The key ingredient of this is to replace every non-environment-friendly thing in our life with eco-friendly sustainable alternatives. This would reduce the carbon emission potential of everything in our life, thereby making way for sustainable living.  Continue reading How To Achieve A Sustainable Lifestyle?

From Mughal Empire To British Empire – Bengal Monuments Survive

Today, we are going to talk about those crumbling monuments which saw the transition from the Mughal empire to British empire and had sown the seed of colonialism in India back in 1757 when the British East India Company’s Robert Clive defeated the Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-ud-Daula in the Battle of Plassey Continue reading From Mughal Empire To British Empire – Bengal Monuments Survive

Dulce – A Short Film on Climate Change, Communities & Adaptation

Sea levels are rising for many years now, jeopardizing the livelihoods and lives of many indigenous communities, especially those living in the marginal areas. An estimate shows that globally, sea levels have risen by 16-21cm between 1900-2016. Our earth has … Continue reading Dulce – A Short Film on Climate Change, Communities & Adaptation

The Girl Who Ate Ramen

A lot has been going on in my life lately. As I idly gazed over the deserted streets it occurred to me how trivial it all was. Men always seem to exaggerate things.

‘And they think women are over-thinkers’, I said to myself.

I must have muttered it loudly. For the old man sitting behind me made a loud coughing sound. So loud that the servers rushed to help him. It’s either that or he choked on something.

Well, that’s what goes around in this café. A quaint little desolate place where the food is mediocre and décor even worse. So nobody visits it, except jobless writers like me.

I, a freelance writer making ends meet by writing stupid good for nothing articles for agencies while my actual writing, novels, and short stories, that is, gathers dust in my memories.

‘Oh! There comes that book nerd girl’.

A  20 something young lass came in and waved at me. That’s Rimika a young and lonely college girl who often visits this café to read while gulping down some Chinese dishes. She is very fond of those Chinese delicacies. I see her eating that for lunch every day.

I have grown accustomed to this fair-skinned dreamy-eyed college girl. We never exchanged a word. How do I know her name you say? Well, that’s a long story, meant for another day. Something about her bothers me. Something in her eyes, something desolate and friendly.

She never had a friend accompanying her.

She did the same thing EVERY DAY.

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